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Fire! Risk & Revelations
Gallery 3 - Powered by the Industrial Revolution​
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Generously funded by the
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As we gather support and raise funds to support the physical delivery of the Insurance Museum, we are also developing digital resources to help share the story of insurance for all to enjoy. Our first exploration of this is through an online exhibition exploring the story of fire insurance.

Visit our 3rd gallery, 'Powered by the Industrial Revolution​', sharing the national and global expansion of fire insurance,
from the late 18th Century.

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Why an Insurance Museum?

The history of insurance dates back thousands of years to China, where traders would organise goods between several boats to spread risk. The Great Fire of London in 1666 sparked off the creation of fire insurance companies in Britain. Insurance supported Eighteenth century innovators and entrepreneurs that led to the Industrial Revolution and at the same time, marine insurers supported traders who helped to establish the economic success of the United Kingdom.

Late twentieth century events include the Piper Alpha disaster and recovering damaged satellites from space.

This history helps us see how insurance works, whether that is enabling people to drive a car or developing innovative ideas into something real. The Insurance Museum will aim to tell these stories, but also explore future challenges, and deepen people’s knowledge and understanding.

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