Fundraising Update

It’s been a busy few months for the Insurance Museum with our Director Howard Benge and Chairman Reg Brown making the trip to Guernsey for the Airmic (the Association of Insurance & Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce) and GIIA (Guernsey Insurance Industry Association) conference. We are hugely grateful to GIIA and their members for facilitating our opportunity to contribute to the programme with a talk on insurance history and to spread the word about the charity more widely. GIIA is one of a number of partners who have pledged multi-year support to the museum.

Supporting the Insurance Museum Public Programmes

The Insurance Museum can deliver on public engagement with support from the wider insurance community. We have a range of projects that need funding behind them to enable us to deliver on our strategy for education, collections and public engagement.

They include:

  • Education resources – these will consist of material for teachers to use in the classroom, to teach subjects where insurance connects to core subjects, such as mathematics, geography and history.
  • Education programme – the IM will develop a range of workshops for schools that will include insurance as a main case study. They will improve upon students’ mathematical skills and personal finance understanding.
  • CPD Podcasts – aimed at early career professionals, the CPD podcasts will look at historical subjects, and events and relate them to insurance practices today.
  • Online galleries – to add to our virtual museum we will bring the histories of marine insurance and life assurance to life with online exhibitions.
  • Oral histories – we want to capture the histories and stories of people who worked in insurance from the 1960s to 2010s. These personal histories will be kept for prosperity and used in exhibitions, education programmes and events.

To make them happen, we need sponsorship. If your organisation would like to support the Museum please get in contact here: Contact – Insurance Museum  In return, IM will recognise support across all our channels and can offer tours and talks to your staff and at your events.


Become an Insurance Museum Member

Do you wish to support the Insurance Museum in its development? Becoming an Insurance Museum Member will help us to:

  • Engage with children and young people to understand the incredible world of insurance
  • Drive forward the opportunities that a career in insurance has to offer
  • Establish a physical space museum in the heart of the insurance district


For only £50 a year, you will help us achieve our aims. In return we will keep you up to date with our progress with a bi-yearly newsletter and you will have access to the “Members Area” on our website, which stores articles on insurance history written by our IM Members.

Our latest Member’s article is about to be published. Space – The Final Frontier for Insurers? John Lane, IM Volunteer and historian, looks at the history of satellite insurance.

There will also be talks and tours, places for which will be offered to Insurance Museum members first.

If you are a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, then you will receive a 20% discount.

The Insurance Museum is a registered charity (charity number 1188138) and relies on income through donations and sponsorship.

Fundraising Update

July 11th 2024

Registered Charity address:
C/o Chartered Insurance Institute
3rd Floor, 20 Fenchurch Street,
London EC3M 3BY
Charity No. 1188138

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