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The Insurance Museum will tell the story of insurance to the public, to schools and the insurance community. The Insurance Museum is growing. There will be more work to do and there are all sorts of ways you can help us reach our aims.

You can:

  • Become an Insurance Museum Founding Member 
    A great way to support the Insurance Museum is to become a Member. For £50 a year, you will help the IM progress in its Stage 1 and Stage 2 deliveries, i.e. the online galleries and IM Mini-Museum. There is a Members Only area of the IM Website, where we post articles on a variety of subjects. As the Membership grows, we are planning podcasts and events. In addition, you will have recognition as a Founder Member – if you sign up this year and maintain your membership. Please visit –

  • Donate and fundraise 
    You can donate via our page on the Insurance Museum Website –, or our JustGiving page – If you are a fundraiser and willing to offer a bit of time, we would always like to hear your ideas and knowledge. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a donation in more depth.

  • Be an advocate for the Insurance Museum 
    We use social media to get our message across and gain support. Please find us, follow us, and share our posts and spread the word:

    LinkedIn –

    Twitter –

    Website –

  • Connecting with the Insurance Profession 
    We are always looking to engage the insurance work force, and if there is any way to getting a mention in an organisation’s internal communications, do let us know. We would love to share what we are doing and our plans for the future.

  • Volunteer for the Insurance Museum 
    We are looking for people to help us with fundraising, to write articles for our Newsletters and Membership, to undertake historic research and to give talks and tours.


If you are interested in any of the above, you can always contact us – We would be very happy to talk.

Support the Insurance Museum

October 5th 2023

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