Insurance Institute of Manchester, 150 years

By Sandra McDonald, President of the Insurance Institute of Manchester

In April 2023, the Insurance Museum exhibited at a special conference to celebrate 150 years of the Insurance Institute of Manchester (IIM). The IIM was the first insurance institute and later part of the group to establish the Chartered Insurance Institute. The IIM continues to work locally to achieve its original objective of “the promotion of a good understanding among the members of the insurance profession in Manchester”.

In preparation for the 150th celebrations a team of volunteers delved into archives held by Manchester Central Library to uncover important historic moments. As well as all the CPD and education work over the years, there were many things found that pointed to the wider community links the institute has. For example, in 1899 the IIM council first proposed an Insurance Clerks’ Orphanage to provide maintenance and training for the children who would lose their fathers during the Boer War. Charity is still a significant part of the Institute’s work, with a different charity receiving support each year. This year, it is We Love Manchester who support and inspire vulnerable Mancunians to achieve the career they are aiming for. The skills shortage in insurance proves how important this ongoing charity work is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to access all jobs, particularly those in insurance.

Back to our history, an example to links in the wider insurance community is that, from the early 1900s, American colleges were asking for copies of our reports as a reference for their students. With the high number of textile mills in the Manchester area at the time, and the risk of fire they carried, it’s clear why the Manchester Institute was formed to spread insurance knowledge amongst those working in the area.

At the celebratory conference the IIM published a journal with a timeline of history and educational articles, as the Institute did when it first started. The sessions at the conference included changing insurance practices and what is to come in the future; a talk from Alan Vallance, CII CEO on the direction of the wider profession; Piers Linney from Dragon’s Den as guest speaker. A dinner in the evening saw companies from the Manchester area come together, plus 20 past presidents, to reminisce and present our annual awards to the excelling CII students who will hopefully be the future of the Institute.

To find out more on the Insurance Institute of Manchester’s history, download the journal celebrating 150 years here.

Insurance Institute of Manchester, 150 years

June 29th 2023

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