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The Insurance Museum is very excited that the IM Membership scheme has now been launched. As we grow and develop, we want to bring our supporters closer to us by offering exclusive access to features, online talks and discussions, and podcasts. As an IM Member you will discover more about the history of insurance, support your ongoing CPD, if necessary, and be part of the journey to create a new Insurance Museum.

When you sign up, you will have access to the “Members Only” area of the Insurance Museum website, which will delve deep into all aspects of creating the Insurance Museum. It will contain articles and information on insurance history, objects, archives, for example, a look at in-situ fire marks, women in insurance history, or local insurance histories.

We will also be reporting on the progress of setting up an Insurance Museum and what it takes to do so. This might be a behind the scenes “tour” of our digital work, or an interview with one of our trustees or consultants on audiences, education, or exhibition design. 

Our ultimate aim is to open a World Class Insurance Visitor and Research Centre, supported by a Museum and Library in London EC3. The IM Members will be part of that journey. Membership will raise funds to realise our aim and give the Insurance Museum a regular income that will be used for the virtual galleries, exhibitions, and education programmes. 

For only £50 a year you will get privileged members only content and if you sign up in the first 12 months and maintain your membership, you will be recognised as a Founder Member, which will accrue added benefits. In addition, you will receive one of the very limited Insurance Museum enamel pin badges.

You can sign up today, on our new website here

Insurance Museum Membership

June 9th 2022

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C/o Chartered Insurance Institute
3rd Floor, 20 Fenchurch Street,
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