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Image: John Julius Angerstein

John Julius Angerstein’s picture collection formed the basis of the collection of the National Gallery. Upon the death of this famous underwriter and broker from Lloyd’s past – it was Angerstein who moved the market out of Lloyd’s Coffee-shop and into the Royal Exchange – his picture collection was acquired by and for the nation. 

We at the Insurance Museum don’t expect any Old Master paintings to come our way (although they would be welcome), but you can get in on the ground floor as an early supporter of the Museum. Visit our JustGiving page now.

Your donation goes further – at no extra cost to you – when you provide the details necessary to let us claim Gift Aid. We reclaim the tax that has already been paid on donations by UK taxpayers, which adds an extra 25 pence to every £1 you give to the Insurance Museum. It’s all explained clearly on our JustGiving page.

If your business would like to become a corporate sponsor of the Insurance Museum, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please contact our Interim Director, Howard Benge.


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December 8th 2021

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