Fundraising for the Insurance Museum

Audiences are at the very core of the Insurance Museum’s work. In fact, the Museum’s objectives state that we will:

  • Curate and interpret the educational and heritage story (past, present and future) of the national and global insurance market and related services and industries.
  • Share the story of insurance, with all audiences, through curated exhibition content, educational outreach activities, digital resources, film content and events.
  • Be an educational forum for engaging audiences in the story of insurance.


We know who our audiences are and why engaging with them is fundamental to our work. They are the public who purchase insurance on a regular basis; school, college and university students who we can support with teaching history, mathematics and personal finance; young people who may consider insurance as a career; and insurance professionals who are proud of their profession and very supportive of the Insurance Museum.

The Insurance Museum launched its first online exhibition in September. Rising from the Ashes was the first “heritage story” that we shared with the public. Anyone can view it from anywhere in the world. At present we are developing educational resources that link the exhibition with the Great Fire of London, so that teachers and students can use it in conjunction with the National Curriculum. They will introduce children as young as 6 to the concept of insurance, by looking at the newly formed fire insurance companies and the fire brigades they managed. The second online exhibition is on its way and will be launched in the near future, along with more educational resources.

Our next moves include developing an education and careers programme, engaging core audiences through outreach across the UK and installing a temporary museum in EC3. To achieve this, the Museum needs funds. Recently, Graeme Williamson was appointed as the IM Fundraiser. Graeme has a strong track record in fundraising, which includes the award-winning Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon, the new Remembrance Centre at the National Memorial Arboretum and The Theatre Chipping Norton. He has already submitted grant applications, touched base with potential donors, and is presently working on a fundraising plan.

Graeme highlights the work ahead of us, “Our job now is to identify where the money is going to come from. Funding from the insurance sector is very much part of our plans and we need to work out which businesses will support us. What are the charitable foundations that may fund us, which organisations may be interested in sponsoring our work, and who will be our advocates? The sector is huge and there are many possibilities.”

Having a steady income will allow the Insurance Museum to achieve its objectives and introduce many audiences to the story of insurance. As the team develops the Fundraising Plan, we will keep you up to date with progress and news.

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Fundraising for the Insurance Museum

November 11th 2022

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