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The Insurance Museum is constantly moving forward, gaining new followers on social media and more people signing up to our Newsletter. In the coming months, as indicated above, we are exhibiting at the BIBA and MGAA conferences, launching a Membership Scheme and later this year, our Virtual Galleries will go live. The Insurance Museum is now moving into its next important phase of development and we will be launching a new website and logo.

The designers at OB Brand Consulting have put a lot of work into developing our new look, and they are constantly coming up with new ways to employ our brand. It is not just for letterheads and websites, but also can be used for merchandise, such as T-shirts, coffee cups and our favourite, metal pin badges. 

We asked Jonathan Squirrel, Director of OB Brand Consulting and long-time supporter of the Insurance Museum, to talk about the process. 

“With the awareness, recognition and momentum that the Insurance Museum (IM) brand had built up, it was important to maintain a strong visual link to this heritage, whilst creating a brand identity and language that will position the IM in the museum space, engaging target audiences. The new ID, still emphasises the earlier IM identity, but has been re-engineered in an Escher-like treatment to provide a maze-like effect. This is both reflective of the ‘complex world of insurance’ that the IM will bring to life, but also represents a map or ‘tour’ route that you might take around a museum.

This attractive identity will lend itself to supporting the IM’s iconography and commercial activity, such as merchandise and other opportunities that are being explored.

The memorable lime green and warm grey colours have been retained to further maintain existing brand awareness. Cleverly, the logo mark styling also nods to the “IM IN” campaign graphic, that we used in the early IM phases, and proved very popular. 

We are now building out the foundations for the brand, with the redevelopment of the IM website, which will enable IM supporters to better track IM activity and ways in which to support this valuable initiative. The IM online taster gallery will also be launched later in the year… we’ll be providing more updates on that soon.”


The New Look Insurance Museum

April 21st 2022

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